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Metaphysical Photo

портфолио Ksuta Max | блог maxmaxovich |

metaphysical photography - the imprint of simple* visual** phenomena*** in their natural environment ****

metaphysical picture - a picture, which reveals the result of this imprinting *****, and this result is not insignificant in itself and in comparison with the other detected results of the viewer

-Simple *
not consisting of other phenomena.

-Visual **
that visibly and just visible. not social, not biological, etc.: light, color, contrast, shape, position, gender, etc

-A phenomenon***
something explicit (manifest), something that can be brought to the attention, something extraordinary, distinguished from the noise, something that has a discrete (qualitative) indication of yes / no. For example, walking man: if all its phases of motion does not differ from each other - none of the phases of the phenomenon will not happen. But if one of the phases of the picture is very different from the others on an important basis for the viewer - we are dealing with the phenomenon

-In the natural environment ****
that means the photographer does not influence on the origin of the phenomena

-Imprint *****
I mean fixing the photographic method, any one


/vadim sakhanenko/


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